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Tread Softly With Me

Oil on canvas

94cm x 191cm

Legacy (Triptych)

Oil on canvas

100cm x 250

Tread Softly With Me - 

This painting is one of a series of works, which begins to make a statement about the insidious destruction of our beautiful woodlands and forests. The erosion in many cases may appear to be happening slowly, but in many parts of the world the trees are being cleared, not a few at a time, but whole forests felled in a matter of days. Why are we throwing away our life support? Doesn’t anyone care?

Tread Softly - The title of the work is inspired by the poem, 'He Wishes For The Cloths of Heaven' by W.B.Yeats, particularly the last two lines. It is one of my favourite poems and in relation to these paintings, I bring my own interpretation.

Legacy  (Triptych) - 

These panels endeavour to make a statement about the/my carbon footprint. They depict my concern about the indiscriminate felling of trees, the destruction of the forests and the ultimate damage caused to the environment worldwide. We need paper, we need books, but do we need so much and so many? Millions of books are printed every year and hundreds of thousands are sold, however, many, many thousands remain unsold and are returned to the publishers for pulping. A large percentage of books will never be read. Of course paper is just a minuscule part of the problem, but a part nevertheless. The trees, the forests, are our life support, what are we doing abusing them in this way?

Legacy l

Oil on canvas

100cm x 100cm


Oil on canvas

114cm x 140cm

This painting was first shown at the Mall Galleries in the SWA 2008 Exhibition, at Fiumano Fine Art London 2008 and a Solo Exhibition 2009, at  The Lewis Gallery, Rugby School.

Tall Trees (sketch) 

Oil on canvas

59cm x 21cm


Oil on canvas

50cm x 40cm

Thursday (sketch)

Oil on canvas

44cm x 23cm

Imagine -This work was featured in the Eye 2 i, i 2 Eye exhibition at the Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, Little Elborow Street, Rugby. The exhibition was a collaboration between Rugby Writers and Rugby Artists’ Group. It was quite a challenging project but also very exciting at the same time. Over several months, 34 writers and artists were involved in the project, which culminated in the Eye 2 i, i 2 Eye exhibition in the main gallery and running alongside the Arts Council Touring Exhibition - Alphabet by Michael Craig-Martin RA. Whilst the exhibition is now over, all of the artwork and the writings can be seen in a delightful 75 page book entitled, Eye 2 i, i 2 Eye, (the written word meets the visual). ISBN 978-1-4709-7978-2. Purchased from Rugby Art Gallery & Museum, or                                                                                                                  

Please contact me if you would like to know more about this particular painting entitled Imagine and the poem that inspired it. For the acorn to grow into a mighty oak certain environmental conditions are required - sunlight, rain, humidity, the ideal conditions - those same conditions produce the colours of the spectrum, the beautiful visual effects of the rainbow. The spectrum is reproduced here using, in addition of white, only the three Primary Colours of Red, Yellow and Blue. No other colours were used to produce this painting.

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