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Selected Articles and Reviews

Listed in the 35th, 36th & 37th Edition of Who’s Who In Art.

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Richard Atkins of BBC Radio Gloucestershire Interview on the paintings of Mo Enright at The Hub Gallery Christ Church, Cheltenham. 2012

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Kolner Stadtanzeiger Dialoge: Internationale Ausstellung in der Galerie am Schloβ.

Various National, International and local newspapers.

Public Commission

Two 19feet high oil painted panels in the Sanctuary of St Mary’s Church, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, Professor George T. Noszlopy writes of this work -

“...these are works in which the marvellous and the extraordinary insinuate themselves almost imperceptibly in the details. the dramatic visual experience of the pervasive luminosity (so far noted by all the reviewers of this work) has a universal and transcendental message...”

Professor George T. Noszlopy, ‘Mo Enright’s double panel paintings of the Easter Story’, Art and Christianity Enquiry (ACE), No.34, April 2003, pp8-9.

“...the  two enormous panels at the end of the aisle, in the choir, bring to the church an extraordinary focus. They posses in the first instance a wonderful sense of space and light ... it may be defined as that power which creates space. For the light that Enright uses is the golden, warm magic light of the late afternoon which she has learnt to modulate to give a sense of space and to shape it too”.

David Phillips, Artspace (quarterly), Spring 2002, p6.

Mo Enright’s Public Commission for St Mary’s Leamington Spa is featured on the prestigious ACEtrust website on the Ecclesiart page, listed with Tracey Emin and Jacob Epstein etc

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Private Collections

England, Wales, Ireland, France, Germany, Canada, Ethiopia, Russia and Australia.

Public and Commercial Collections

St Mary’s Church, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire (Major Award winning murals)

Potterton International, Warwick

The Rugby School Collection

The Leicestershire Collection

Rutland Oakham Sixth Form College

Motor Panels (Coventry) Ltd

Rubery Owen Holdings, Wednesbury, West Midlands


Mo Enright, ‘Crisis in Arts Funding’, Artspace (quarterly) No. 23 Autumn 2005, pp3-4

Mo Enright, ‘Crisis in Arts Funding’, The Leamington Society Newsletter, May 2005, p7

Mo Enright, ‘Stations of the Cross’ catalogue, Art-E Studios UK. 2005, Leamington Spa

Mo Enright, The Mural Studies of Peter Lanyon, exhibition catalogue, Gimpel Fils Gallery, London

Dialogue Dialogues, Kunstler Aus Brühl, Leamington Spa und Sceaux, Galerie am Schloß, Brühl, Germany.

Prizes and Awards

‘Only Seven’ was voted ‘People’s Choice in the RAG 2017 exhibition, Rugby Art Gallery & Museum

Monarch’ was voted ‘People’s Choice’ in the LSA 2015 exhibition, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire 

Short-listed for The John Moores Painting Prize 2012 Exhibition, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool 

Short-listed for The National Open Art Competition, Chichester  

Short-listed for The Celeste Art Prize, London

Listed in the  ‘Who’s Who In Art‘  

Elected a full member of the National Society of Painters, Sculptors & Printmakers. (NS)

The Aya Broughton Highly Commended Painting Prize. NS.

Selected “Artist of the Week” - Leamington Courier

The Leamington Society Golden Jubilee Award

Stowells Trophy Exhibition, Royal Academy

Prize Winner - Award and Purchase Prize - Midland View II & Touring Exhibition

Waiting an exhibition of paintings by Mo Enright

Catalogue and Curation by Kate Livingston

Welcome to Mo Enright’s ‘Waiting’ Exhibition. In the past I have seen Mo’s work sporadically, never being fortunate enough to see all of Mo’s work in one space. I can personally say that when displayed together it makes a very moving and thought provoking exhibition, that has been an absolute pleasure to curate. 

Mo Enright is based in Leamington Spa and has a very successful career that spans decades. Mo’s work can be seen locally in Leamington as she was commissioned in 2000 to create two very large paintings in St Marys Church. Along with this beautiful commission Mo also has commissioned artwork on display all over the world. Mo’s technique has been developing over many years starting with her very successful BA Hons degree in Fine Art and continuing with her Masters in History of Art and Design, along with an undoubtedly strong sense of patience and precision that has led to the creation of these truly beautiful scenes. Following her formal education Mo spent many years as a lecturer in Fine Art. It has been a few years since Mo has had an exhibition of this size, and it provides us with a wonderful opportunity to see more of her most recent work. 

‘Waiting’ in particular takes one on a journey. It showcases her incredible technical ability as an artist, while also inviting the viewer to take a nostalgic journey into a world once known. Within ‘Waiting’ there is a strong feeling that everyone can find a moment to relate to. The technical precision of Enright’s work, whether it is the beautiful vast landscapes of a place you once visited or the nervous child waiting to perform in the Christmas play, captures the viewer and allows one to escape from the hectic world that surrounds us. 

In ‘Waiting’ we take a path through a peaceful woodland, with mist dusting the bottom of the trees and the morning breaking through the horizon, on to a much more serious situation. Mo is very passionate about the environment in which we live. The industrial use of trees, and the repercussions this has on our future and us, is an underlying theme throughout the exhibition. So often we forget the origins of a product, and thus take it for granted there will be an endless supply. Moving on from the beautiful, untouched, and peaceful birch trees, we see the counterpart of an abandoned destroyed forest, and the books that they become. To speak to Mo about her work, makes you passionate about the environment in ways you did not realize you were or even could be. 

I find the most striking piece in the whole exhibition is Monarch. This canvas again follows a very strong connection to the environment and what our presence is doing to it. Mo became very interested in the Monarch butterfly and this has featured in her most recent work. The Monarch butterfly leads an absolutely fascinating life and needs the trees which are now in danger. (Without going into too much detail I would recommend doing your own research into this incredible creature.) Again, it is a reflective piece that makes the viewer think about the effects of our actions on a larger scale. This piece is truly moving without even knowing the history and background of the Monarch butterfly.  This truly talented artist makes her work speak in an outstanding manner drawing you in to sense the vulnerability and dubious fate of this tiny insect in a large uncertain world.

Mo does not use any reference material, all her artwork is taken from memories and imagination. The beautiful thing about the artwork is that the canvas feels like a place you have visited before. This is due to Mo’s realistic technique and ability to create texture, and such precision within the artwork. 

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Mo, and her canvases. My favourite part of being a curator is getting to know the artist and being able to bring what I learn to life through the exhibition. I hope you enjoy this exhibition, and I would like to say a huge thank you to Mo for inviting me to curate, and to the Lewis Gallery for providing such an inspiring venue to showcase Mo’s work.

Kate Livingston. November 2014

Mo’s work was featured in the Eye 2 i, i 2 Eye exhibition at the Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, Little Elborow Street, Rugby. The exhibition was a collaboration between Rugby Writers and Rugby Artists’ Group. It was quite a challenging project but also very exciting at the same time. Over several months, 34 writers and artists were involved in the project, which culminated in the Eye 2 i, i 2 Eye exhibition in the main gallery and running alongside the Arts Council Touring Exhibition - Alphabet by Michael Craig-Martin RA. Whilst the exhibition is now over, all of the artwork and the writings can be seen in a delightful 75 page book entitled, Eye 2 i, i 2 Eye, (the written word meets the visual). ISBN 978-1-4709-7978-2. Purchased from Rugby Art Gallery & Museum, or

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